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YouTube Closed Captions Downloader

Working on some miscellaneous tools to provide to the public, I noticed there was some interest by some to rip closed captions from YouTube videos. This tool will do exactly that. Simply enter a YouTube video URL; only if the video uploader has provided closed captions for the video will they be available to download.

YouTube Video URL: (required)

Automatic Speech Recognition

This tool does not (yet) provide automatic speech recognition closed captions. These are closed captions that YouTube generate automatically and may or may not rely on Google Translate if you're watching it in different languages. This tool will only give you closed captions that were supplied by the video uploader or by the community.

Automatic speech recognition is something YouTube have always changed throughout the years, this includes the way that data is accessed. It's not impossible but it's just a hassle to keep everything up to date.


Main article: YouTube CC Downloader - Information

YouTube is a website for uploading and sharing videos. Each video can be accompanied by closed captions, usually initialised as CCs. CCs are essentially the same as subtitles except they can be turned on and off at the viewer's discretion. There may be multiple CC "tracks" for a single video. These tracks are just separate CC data which may be the content translated to different languages or dialects. This enables a wider audience to understand what has been said in the video. For a video to demonstrate its use as well as explaining its use, please watch this video: YouTube Captions and Subtitles.

There is no doubt that some people will ask about the automatic captions YouTube provides. This is achieved by their ASR technology to attempt to translate spoken words in the video to readable text. Typically, ASR technology is a disaster, but it's a good laugh most of the time. The feature to view automatic captions will be available soon, after everything else is complete.

Upon submitting a YouTube URL that hasn't been submitted before, the server will download all the available CC tracks. Upon re-submission, the saved data will reload if it's 60 minutes old to make sure the data is always the latest, but without taking forever to load and wasting bandwidth.

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