Factorial Calculator

The nth factorial is the product of all the numbers from 1 up to n. Also, factorials use the "!" notation, so n! is the nth factorial. The 4th factorial would be 24 because 1 × 2 × 3 × 4 = 24. Factorials are useful for calculating how many permutations that can be made up using a set of given objects. For example: If you have 4 different coloured boxes next to each other in a line, you could rearrange them in 24 different orders.

Please Note: Browsers may have difficulty trying to display larger factorials and may possibly crash. Certain browsers may not allow you to copy very easily, so please feel free to download larger results as a text file.

Input Limit: There is an input limit between 1 and 100,000.

Input of n!: (required)

Things to do...

This tool has been alive for years yet I never really "finished" the contents of it. The upper limit used to be 200,000 but due to migrating data across drives, the database got damaged and had to be decomissioned. The migration happened as a result of a bunch of server upgrades about 2015's new year time. These upgrades allowed at least half of the upper limit to be generated on-the-fly instead of looking up the steps in a precomputed database. I have had many other things to work on, but all the while this page has actually served data, I've not worked any more on it. At some point in the future, I will work on a precomputed database again a much higher limit. My goal ultimately is to provide an upper limit of 10 million but I need to figure out an efficient way to serve such high volumes of data.

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