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This site is dedicated mostly to the technical minds and will usually include tools that are of my own concoction unless stated otherwise. I will try my best to explain the functions and features of each tool on their respective pages, but I will assume that you didn't stumble across the tools by accident and that you know what you were looking for to begin with.

I understand a lot of people are trying to access the old tools/pages that were on the old version of the site, I can only apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. They will all be back up in due time.

Posted 15/08/2016.

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This is simply to keep up to date on what's happening around the website.

Update 19/01/2019: SSL support is back! Upgraded many months ago and I stupidly forgot to forward the relevant port. Bah.
Update 08/10/2018: Apologies for lack of updates and fixes. Life is busy and interests change, I don't have a lot of time anymore.
Update 24/04/2017: A lookup tool for L&F 92-series codes is now available!
Update 24/03/2017: The MD5 Database now supports 6 byte printable passwords. A total of 1.1 trillion passwords!
Update 12/01/2017: For those interested: The site now supports SSL and I won't force you to use it.
Update 19/10/2015: It's been a long time! I've published the Hash Generator! 94 algorithms currently supported.
Update 16/03/2015: Been working primarily on a significantly larger MD5 Database, estimated around 470 billion passwords.
Update 21/01/2015: Released the old NTLM Case Correction tool.
Update 20/01/2015: Got the old Factorial Database up and running again.
Update 20/01/2015: Just released the old MD5 Database into the wild (130 billion words; will grow larger eventually).
Update 16/01/2015: The YouTube CC Downloader is pretty much finished. Some minor features to add over time.
Update 04/01/2015: Motivated by a message I received, I reconstructed the Collatz conjecture tool.
Update 29/12/2014: Added a page for downloading YouTube closed captions on videos (when available).

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