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A warm welcome to all visitors!

This site is dedicated mostly to the technical minds and will usually include tools that are of my own concoction unless stated otherwise. I will try my best to explain the functions and features of each tool on their respective pages, but I will assume that you didn't stumble across the tools by accident and that you know what you were looking for to begin with.

As some of you may already know, the server has been offline for a significant period of time (only a month or two). Everything has been re-created with just a bit more style and functionality, more importantly with more supportive back-end code. There are still some other tools waiting to be re-created, but for now I have made only the most popular tools.

Again, I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience the past couple of months has caused. Thank you for being patient.

Posted 20/01/2015.

Reconstruction progress...

This is simply to keep up to date on what's happening around the website.

Update 27/12/2014: I decided to open the Contact page for the time being.
Update 29/12/2014: Added a page for downloading YouTube closed captions on videos (when available).
Update 04/01/2015: Motivated by a message I received, I reconstructed the Collatz conjecture tool.
Update 16/01/2015: The YouTube CC Downloader is pretty much finished. Some minor features to add over time.
Update 18/01/2015: Working on my classic Hash Generator tool; will slowly release new algorithms as I port them.
Update 20/01/2015: Just released the old MD5 Database into the wild (130 billion words; will grow larger eventually).
Update 20/01/2015: Got the old Factorial Database up and running again.
Update 21/01/2015: Released the old NTLM Case Correction tool.
Update 27/01/2015: Been working on rebuilding the Morse Code Audio Generator. Will be packed with features!
Update 16/03/2015: Been working primarily on a significantly larger MD5 Database, estimated around 470 billion passwords.

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